Roof damage

Early Signs That Your Roof Needs Repairs

Most people aren’t aware when their roof needs to be repaired – they simply wait until a big problem arises, like a leak  that causes major water damage. But if you’re aware of the signs of a deteriorating roof, you can get the repairs done before a major problem presents itself. This can prevent damage to your home and save you money. Here are a few early signs of damage to your roof so you can start looking for roofing repair in Atlanta, GA, early on.

Asphalt Washing into Gutters

If you have asphalt shingles on your roof, keep an eye on the runoff from your gutters during the next rainstorm. If you see an excessive amount of asphalt coming off your roof,  this means your shingles are quickly wearing down. As the asphalt coating wears off, your roof becomes less and less waterproof. If you notice this  happening, then get a roofer out to your house quickly before the leaks start.

Exposed Flashing

Flashing is the plastic sheeting that goes beneath your shingles. It helps to waterproof your roof and prevent leaks. But, if you notice any of that sheeting exposed, you need to get repairs done quickly. Flashing on its own can’t keep the water from leaking into your home, so you’ll need to get new shingles  installed in order to cover the flashing and keep it watertight.

Bubbles and Discolored Paint

If you wait too long to repair your roof,  leaks will certainly occur. The problem with this is that most homeowners still won’t notice the leaks at first; it’s not until water begins dripping into their living spaces that they realize  there’s a problem. But, when this begins to happen, it means that water has been building up in your attic for quite some time.
Before the leaks into your living room begin, water leaks through your roof and into your attic. If you don’t use the attic for any significant purpose, it’s unlikely you’ll notice the problem. But if you inspect your ceiling every now and then, you may notice discolored areas, or bubbles in the paint. This is a sign that moisture is pooling in that area and you need to get it  checked immediately. Doing so can help prevent the water from dripping into your living spaces and causing even more problems.
So, if you notice any of these 3 signs in your home, look for roof leak repair in Atlanta, GA, right away. Catching it early can save you a lot of time and trouble.

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