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Professional Roofing Repair in Atlanta, GA

The roof is the part of a structure that protects a home or commercial building from the outside elements. When you have a damaged roof, your structure is at risk. At Statewide Roofing Repair & General Contractor, we the skills to fix all roof damage quickly and correctly the first time. Our roofing specialists are available right now to assist you with professional emergency roof repair in Atlanta, GA.

Statewide Roofing Repair & General Contractor is a full-service repair and replacement services that offers the following services throughout the greater-Atlanta area:

  • Dry rot repair
  • Reroofing services
  • Painting and drywall services
  • New roofing
  • Attic ventilation
  • Gutter maintenance
  • Skylights
  • All general contracting needs

When you need a one-stop professional service to assist you with roofing and general contracting needs, we have you covered!

We Repair All Roof Storm Damage

It doesn’t take much for hail and high winds to leave storm damage behind on your roof. After a storm, it is always a good idea to have your roof inspected because many kinds of damage can’t be seen from the ground. Often, after a serious storm, there could be leaks in the attic that may not be noticeable by the untrained eye. Unfortunately, letting these problems go can cause structural damage to your attic and walls. If your home was recently in the path of a severe storm, give us a call to have one our contractors come to your property to have your roof evaluated.

Let us help you manage your insurance claim!

Our roofing specialists work directly with insurance providers to make roof repair or replacement as pleasant as possible. Don’t think that you can replace your roof after a storm? Think again! Most of the time homeowners can get 100% of the costs covered by their insurance carrier. Whether you need flat roof repair in Atlanta, GA, pitched roof repair, or other type of roof repair, we can help. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with a storm damage specialist to more about roof repair in Atlanta, GA, when insurance companies are involved.

Affordable Roof Repair Cost in Atlanta

Many people erroneously believe that roof repair is too expensive to consider. Therefore, they live with missing shingles, damaged flashing, and more. The truth is that when problems are found early, the repair costs are significantly less. The average roof (depending on the material) can last 25 years or more when it is well maintained. We encourage homeowners to have their roofs inspected regularly by licensed roofing experts to determine if there are small problems that have the potential to cause expensive repairs. So, when you need roof leak repair in Atlanta, GA, don’t wait! Call at the first indication that a problem is present for faster, cheaper repairs.

We Repair All Styles of Roof

Statewide Repair Roofing & General Contractor offers felt roof repair in Atlanta, GA, and more!  It doesn’t matter what type of material your roof is constructed from or if it is a steep-pitch roof. Our outstanding specialists are pros at repairing and replacing any type of residential or commercial roof system. If you need repairs, give us a call and we’ll get you a no-cost evaluation quickly. You’ll be provided with a written estimate for repair costs that include materials and labor. We’ll also provide you with information about our warranties and answer any questions you have.

For professional asphalt, metal, stucco, felt, and rubber roof repair in Atlanta, GA, we’re the metro area’s top choice! Contact Us today to learn more.